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Love Your Depot LocusX

Jewyo Rhii’s ‘Love Your Depot’ has collaborated with the Newcastle space of Locus+. A ‘contemporary visual arts commissioning agency’, Locus+ is an organisation that focuses on the production and presentation of socially engaged, collaborative and temporary projects. Working in collaboration with artists, Locus+ aims to provide new opportunities for artists and their artworks to be presented in different contexts and across formats.

A collection of works archived since 1976 was scheduled to be rehomed to the Special Collections Department at the Newcastle University earlier this year. As a final presentation of the works before their move to an alternative storage space, Jewyo Rhii and Team Depot were invited to unravel the long archived works and present them as part of the ‘Love Your Depot’ Project.

What was initially planned to be a physical third Depot exhibition in the Newcastle space of Locus+, this project has gone through major changes within the past couple of weeks due to the instability of the Corona Pandemic. The withdrawal in the possibility of travel has removed a physical space from Jewyo Rhii’s works imposing on a digitalised form of presentation.⠀